Merino Care Instructions

Important Care Instructions

Koru Baby merino is naturally resistant to dirt, odours and bacteria so normally, a good airing is all that is required to restore it to full freshness.  However, babies will be babies and when the time comes, it is extremely important that you wash the shawl using these instructions.

To wash:

– Hand wash gently in luke-warm water with a small quantity of approved (preferably organic) wool wash.

– Gently squeeze out the water and then lay the shawl flat to dry away from direct sunlight in a well aerated place.

BEWARE – Washing in water hotter than 30°C, using normal detergent or tumble drying will completely ruin your precious Koru Baby shawl.

Your shawl can be machine washed but only on the most delicate cycle and no hotter than 30°C (ideally place the shawl in a washing net or pair of tights).

Wool is protected from dirt and moisture by its natural lanolin content, which is removed over time by washing. In order to restore the wool’s waterproof and dirt-proof qualities, you can use a detergent which contains some lanolin for every day washing or you can use a separate lanolin conditioner from time to time.  Simply soak the wool in a solution of warm water and lanolin for 10 minutes, squeeze out the water (or spin on a low speed) then leave to dry.

We don’t recommend dry-cleaning any fabrics used by children due to the toxic chemicals used which may remain in the fabric after cleaning