The Koru

The Koru is a spiral shaped symbol used by New Zealand’s Native population, the Māori.

The symbol represents the shape of an unfurling fern frond which as it is opens brings new life and purity to the world.

Quite often, the Māori use the shape interlocked with others to show the strength and purity of a loving and nurturing family.

To us it is the embodiment of our organisation and our products:

  • New beginnings – The moment in nature where the new frond begins to unfurl is special. All of our products are for newborns – embarking on new life. Beautiful, precious, fragile but inherently strong.
  • Beauty – The Koru shape is a perfect example of a mathematical ratio known as the ‘Golden Mean’. The ratio is considered the most aesthetically pleasing proportion and has been used throughout time. Using the Golden Mean, mankind creates perfection and balance which approach the divine. All Koru Baby products are designed to be beautiful.
  • Natural – how amazing that the shape occurs all by itself in nature. Our products are firmly rooted in being natural – made with the purest merino or organic cotton.

Next spring show your child the miracle of a Koru or unfurling fern frond in a park near you.