Making Our Merino Products


How and where our merino products are made

Our merino manufacturer is based in the South Island of New Zealand. They are responsible for the many processes required to transform merino wool into our beautiful products. The high cost of the fleece, the extraordinary fineness of the precious fibre and the need to keep the dark fibres separate from the white means that the process is not one for the inexperienced or faint-hearted.

  1. Each spring our flock of coloured merino sheep are shorn in a special shed which is only used for coloured sheep. After rigorous classing to remove any inferior fibre, the fleeces are colour coded and placed into fadges ready to be sent for scouring.
  2. At the scour all the machinery is thoroughly cleaned of any white wool. The machines are slowed down to handle the fine fibre. The machinery then needs to be cleaned again so no stray fibres can contaminate the next batch of white wool.
  3. Our now clean wool is sent to a factory to be spun. Here it is combed to remove any trace of vegetable matter and spun in different thicknesses depending on the purpose.
  4. Another factory then knits the spun wool into the finished product using great skill and care. No chemical finishes or additives are applied- the softness is all natural.
  5. The finished products are then shipped to the UK where each of our beautiful shawls is double checked for quality and it is carefully boxed ready for you.

Fair trade and social responsibility

We believe in cherishing the precious, in treading lightly on the earth and in taking pride to be fair and socially responsible.

New Zealand is renowned for its strict laws governing the farming of animals and animal welfare. The flocks used for our products roam freely in the vast and open ruggedness of the stunningly beautiful high country. Similarly, both farmers and farm workers are governed by strict laws ensuring safe, productive and fair working conditions, as well as guaranteed living wages for staff members. While this makes our products more expensive to produce, we believe it is worth it.

Environmental responsibility

You may well ask why a UK company uses merino wool from the other side of the world. The answer is simple; it is the best. There are lots of strains of Merino sheep to be found around the world – Australia, the US, China, South America and Germany but it is New Zealand merino that is globally acknowledged as the finest. UK-sourced merino quite simply doesn’t meet our standards and we don’t pretend that we are looking to source from the UK any time soon.

However, we acknowledge the environmental impact of flying merino from NZ and do our best to mitigate the consequences. We ensure that we only import the finished product and that it is packed down as small as possible. Our beautiful boxes are hand-made here in the UK. We are currently investigating ways to measure and offset our carbon footprint.